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he walks backwards…
or sits and stares at flames
while sparks burn stars in his skin.
-- ‘The Child who Walks Backwards’,
Lorna Crozier
Ryuko Ishida

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Ryuko Ishida [userpic]

Thought I might as well update this thing. So German class is done but was unable to get into summer session. Boo! Result: job hunting. At least the painful process of that was lessened by the lovely music that is Andrew Bird. 

I just started listening to his music back in October after watching his documentary "Fever Year", directed by Xan Aranda, so I'm a relatively new fan by most standards. It's better late than never, right? 

So I attended his concert last Tuesday at The Vogue Theatre (with only 2 days between that and my German exam but at that point I didn't even pretend I was interested in studying for it), and I had a blast! He was... so... GOOD live. What am I saying? He was more than good! The highlight of my night was when he sang "Bein' Green", haha, and I'm not even a fan of The Muppets. 

You've also gotta love the technology these days because I was able to watch his performance at Coachella this last Saturday through their YouTube live-stream, although I kind of doubt the 'live' part, haha. 

And because I was sick of sending out cover letters and resumes, I decided to make some wallpapers to entertain myself. 


Available in the following sizes:

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Ryuko Ishida [userpic]

So glad to get this batch in on time. Phew! 

[20] Sherlock BBC 20in20 Icons
[06] Alternates

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Ryuko Ishida [userpic]

Chinese New Year is upon us and I'm already dreading those hideously cheerful/annoying/catchy CNY tunes airing on the radio and TV. 

Title: I’ll Be Your (Soldier): A Sherlock Fanmix

Character(s)/Pairing(s): John-centric, John/Sherlock friendship (bordering on romance)

Warning: 2.03 The Reichenbach Fall SPOILERS, slash if you wish to look close

Rating: PG

Note: Like a lot of people, I feel the need to make an angsty mix after the finale on Sunday. Featuring music by: Gavin Degraw, Patrick Wolf, Damien Rice, Wintersleep… Click on the preview button for full cover art, lyric graphics, and download links. 

When you're worried I'll be your soldier.Collapse )

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Ryuko Ishida [userpic]

So another year is almost over. Finally figured out what to do school/career goal-wise, so that's always good because now I have something not-so-damn-abstract to work towards to. And now, icons!


[17] Patrick Wolf (House MV)
[06] Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Smiley, Guillam)
[32] Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Eleazar, Carmen, Alice, Jasper)

gives me the greatest peace I've ever knownCollapse ) 

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Ah. Breaking up is a nasty business. Never thought I'd be the one to do it either. But it's really for the better. Aside from that, life is as usual. 

[69] Cabin Pressure Quotes (Series 3)

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Ryuko Ishida [userpic]

It really has been awhile. Goodness. 

Here bringing you all my newest love: BBC's Cabin Pressure! 


[49] Cabin Pressure Quote Icons (fr Series 1 & 2 + Christmas)

This makes me feel... scared of the mountain. Collapse )This makes me feel... scared of the mountain. Collapse )

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Ryuko Ishida [userpic]

Finally, finally an icon-related update. Took me awhile. Life, life, life. But. It's going relatively well for a change, so I'm not really complaining, much. Except for the fact that job-searching is still painful, but at least I found something with YMCA.



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Because LJ is stupid and my post has apparently exceeded word limit, I have to post the extra tracks on a separate post. GRRR.

For Part I and II, CLICK HERE.

This Thing is a Crime (Extra)

this thing is a crime...Collapse )

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Medium: General
Subject: Unrequited feelings / waiting / hurting
Title: This Thing is a Crime
Warning: Really depressing crap.
Notes: This is kind of a Part II of meaningless beautiful moment, which is a mix that I’ve made last summer pertaining to some negative feelings after something happened between me and a friend-and-maybe-more. In January, he came back to town because I was in a situation that requires me to make a difficult decision, and he was there for me. Of course, having him flying all the way from the East Coast got my hopes up all over again. And of course, he had to break my heart yet again. This mix doesn’t have the angry, pissed-off emotions that it probably should (which is weird), but the overall mood is just really, really down, blue, and depressing. This is for those who are on the same boat: you really want to get over him/her (for your health and sanity’s sake), and you know the person is bad for you, but you’re just waiting for that person to call, e-mail, whatever, as long as he/she keeps in contact and hope that he/she will change his/her mind.

Part I, II, and Extra Tracks

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Ryuko Ishida [userpic]

Goodness. Yes, I've withdrawn from the Education Program in the university because I couldn't handle the stress and it gave me 3 years to think about my options. So now I'm job searching, which is always a very very fun (NOT) thing to do. Fuck. At least it finally feels like spring, although I couldn't remember if I've actually saw cherry blossoms in real life or if I remember that from a dream... That's pretty messed up.



[05] Stock (Ferris wheel)
[09] Joe Brooks (+ 'Superman' MV)
[30] Sondre Lerche
[10] Stickboy
+ [02] Stickboy Wallpapers (1280x800)

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